Your benefits

d’accord — We create
winners on all sides

Professional and competent mediation turns your benefits into your counterpart’s benefits – and vice versa. Instead of short-term, one-sided advantages that may create further potential for conflict, mediation offers sustainable, lasting understanding that benefits all those involved. This way, you save time while also benefitting at both a human and a business level. Together with us, you build new bridges of understanding instead of tearing down bridges behind you, and pave the way for harmonious conflict resolutions in which there are satisfied winners on all sides.


  • Reduction in the costs involved in the procedure
  • Reduction in the duration of the procedure
  • Discretion and non-public nature of the procedure
  • Sustainability of the solution
  • Expertise through long-standing management, consulting and leadership experience
  • Concentration on the essentials (classic project work and implementation)
  • Suspension of time limits in court proceedings
  • You are the master of your own, self-determined solution
  • No decisions by third parties
  • There are no winners or losers