d’accord — the efficient
way to build bridges to
find a joint solution

Mediation means intervention. As mediators, we form a helpful, intermediary bridge between the two parties involved in the conflict. With our services, we offer a valuable alternative to the protracted, expensive and stressful way that conflicts are frequently handled, and are also able to contribute towards conflict avoidance.

Our vision comprises the use of mediation in a wide range of personal and business areas: in family and personal life as well as when writing and negotiating wills, within foundations, when dissolving foundations, for succession plans, for intra-company conflicts or conflicts between companies.

Our mediation aims to create a wide range of valuable benefits for our clients: successful mediation can save a huge amount of time and money and creates a new amicable level of communication between the conflict parties, allowing them to interact with each other in the future both at an emotional and professional level and retain their connection. A solution achieved through professional mediation should not be a one-sided victory, but should instead represent a step forward for both parties that opens up new horizons and possibilities for the further development, success, satisfaction and well-being of all those involved.