d’accord — Guiding you towards
a win-win situation in every regard

We offer professional mediation and comprehensive support in resolving a variety of personal, professional and business-related conflict situations. When providing our services, we strive to achieve “win-win situations” that are advantageous in every respect and are considered satisfactory by all of the parties involved in the conflict. We guide our clients along this joint solution path through the structured use of professional, recognised methods that create a productive and constructive climate for discussion – an essential basic requirement for successful conflict resolution.

With our services we aim to guide our clients towards a wholly satisfactory, binding agreement that we help you to reach through collaboration. By facilitating such agreements, we offer a valuable, efficient and beneficial alternative to conventional, unsupervised and confrontation-based methods of conflict resolution, such as protracted and stressful disputes or extensive, costly court cases. It goes without saying that we comply with our legal obligations regarding confidentiality and non-disclosure* when performing all of our activities.

(*according to para. IV Civil Law Mediation Act)


What we offer

  • Conflict screening – is mediation the right procedure for you?
  • Conflict management through mediation
  • Signposts through the process
  • Management of the mediation process
  • Documentation of the proposed solutions that are developed
  • Mediation agreement
  • Supervision and advice during implementation
  • Aftercare
  • On-site mediation (e.g. in the company)


  • Usually in teams of two, in keeping with the respective requirements/project definition
  • Structured
  • Experience-based
  • Professional and conscientious
  • Process-oriented
  • Trustworthy
  • Impartial
  • Neutral
  • Target-oriented
  • Solution-oriented
  • Time-optimised


  • Families
  • Family companies
  • Foundations
  • Inheritances
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Companies
  • Corporate groups
  • Employee mediation
  • Politics
  • Public sector
  • Schools
  • Environment